Image is everything and having a professional image is crucial to any SME. The internet has changed the way we all do business today and has made this a lot easier.

The internet is a good place for any SME to showcase their company to customers, existing and new. It is very important for an SME today, to have a "web presence". This can come in various forms, form a simple email address to a complete web site.

A lot of SME's do not realize how easy and cost effective it is to have their own identity and web presence on the internet. Instead of using a commercially available Gmail or similar email type address, SME's can very easily obtain their own "domain" names and create a professional web presence.

KUSTEK IT has various domain hosting options available for as little as R40.00 per month. For this you can have up to 3 personalized email accounts that will reflect the professional identity of your company. for example instead of, you could have your own domain and have a professional looking email address like

 Hosting packages with different options are available including email addresses and websites, local and international hosting options, depending on your requirements.



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